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Senior Lecturer in Animal Physiology

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Applications are invited for a Senior Lecturer position in Animal Physiology. The applicant must have a PhD and appropriate research and teaching experience in Animal Physiology. The School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences is a leader in several disciplines locally and globally, and is one of the top Schools in the Faculty of Science in terms of research output and postgraduate throughput. We have world class facilities for conducting research, including appropriate laboratory facilities, equipment and access to field sites.

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Closing Date: 30th November 2023

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Animal Physiology

University of Canterbury

Do you have a passion for and expertise in animal physiology? This is an invitation from the University of Canterbury to apply for a position as a Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Science.

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Closing date 2 April 2023




Associate Lecturer/Lecturer in Vertebrate Zoology
Environmental and Comparative Physiology

University of New England

The role includes face to face and online teaching at first, second and third-year levels, and the supervision of students at Honours, postgraduate coursework and higher degree research level. Applicants are expected to be actively publishing high-quality and high-impact research and to attract external research funding. Service expectations will be commensurate with the level of the role including active participation in School, Faculty or University committees, administrative or outreach and engagement roles, as well as service to the wider community and profession.

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Closing date 22 December 2019

Assistant Professor in Zoology
(Organismal Zoology)

Trinity College, Dublin

The School of Natural Sciences seeks to appoint a lecturer in Zoology at the organismal scale.

We are open to the appointment of an Assistant Professor with an excellent research record in Zoology at the organismal scale including vertebrates and invertebrates in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. We have a particular interest in recruiting in comparative physiology, evolution, biomimetics, biomechanics, wildlife biology (at the organismal scale) or animal behaviour. Research in organismal zoology can be applied to a range of societal and economic challenges including (but not limited to): global change, food security, coastal defence, invasive species management, biobased industry applications, biomedical applications, fisheries management, integrated pest management, conservation, wildlife management, Blue Economy development and ecosystem service provision.

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Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences (Animal Physiology) 

University of Canterbury, Christchurch New Zealand

Applications are invited for the continuing position of Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences (Animal Physiology) in the School of Biological Sciences.

We seek an ambitious colleague who will augment our existing strengths in animal physiology research, teaching, and outreach. The successful applicant will demonstrate cutting-edge research and teaching in, and have advanced understanding of, animal physiology at any appropriate scale of biological organization, but with whole organisms as a focus. Applicants must have a strong laboratory and field component to their research, and address basic and applied questions. We expect candidates to use a range of approaches (which may include, for example, molecular, genetic, genomic, electrophysiological, ecological, evolutionary, statistical and/or computational methods). The successful candidate will be expected to establish an externally-funded research programme, for which there is a variety of basic and applied contexts in Aotearoa New Zealand. They will also develop research linkages with research institutes, industry or charitable groups, and/or civil society. The University and School have a strong interest and strategic investment in marine biology, and we are especially motivated to receive applications from candidates who will be a key part of our research, teaching and community engagement in this field.

Applicants should have a PhD or an appropriate equivalent qualification in biological sciences, an ability and willingness to deliver high quality teaching in animal physiology at an undergraduate and postgraduate level, and a commitment to do world-class research in an area complementary to current strengths within School of Biological Sciences

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